Who we are

Who we areGIOVETTI SISTAM s.r.l. comes from the purchase of a branch of the “Vivai Piante Comm. GINO GIOVETTI” company, which was one of the traditional leader corporations in the parks and gardens sector even since the Fifties. Our great experience in this sector allowed us to add new and different lines of business to our activity.

At first, we wanted to create a society which was able to offer its know-how to the public structures, in order to promote projects of public green grounds maintenance.However, since there is an increasing interest in what concerns questions of environmental impact in the market, the company has increased its activities by adding several extra services to its original set.

Thanks to its development policy, GIOVETTI SISTAM s.r.l. was able to consolidate its structure, and to specialize in interventions of ground engineering. Among these interventions, we can include works of alluvial damage restoration, water protection and accommodation, and several other works concerning environmental impact.

GIOVETTI SISTAM s.r.l. is also a member of the Associazione Italiana Costruttori del Verde “ASSOVERDE” (ASSOVERDE – Italian association for the construction of green areas), which is formed by a group of accomplished enterprises which all aim to build an operative feedback in response to the new demands of the national market system.

Thanks to its long experience in this sector, the company appears more and more solid, especially by increasing its client portfolio, improving the connections with the customers, and gaining prestigious contracts. This results are also due to the staff’s recognised competence, and to the reliability and high quality of the offered services.